Kitten and Cat : Human Companionship

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Animals are a living creatures as same as the human however animal aren't born with a brain. Thus, animal can be make into a pet, or help human in protecting the safeguards or help human gain an increasing in business such as zoo. In animal, there is are creature that almost half percent human that live in this world make it as a pet which is kitten and cat. Kitten are the babies of the cat which an adult. Kitten are born like the same as human birth process and cat are having their pregnancy the same as human pregnancy process. Cat are cute and small and their paws are always getting cat lovers attention.  

A kitten or can be called as juvenile cat, usually after it was born, the kitten are totally dependent on their mother in their survival and they normally do not open their eyes until after seven to ten days. After about two weeks, kitten quickly develop and begin to explore the world outside the nest. After a further two or three weeks, they begin to eat solid food and grow adult teeth. Domestic kittens are highly social animals and enjoy human companionship. However, as many have known, kittens nowadays are always on the street left by their birth mother or are taken away from their mom because of human. Thus, a kitten rescue have been existed to help the street kitten for its better growth development.
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Cats are an adult version after the kitten. After having through the process of growing up, cat are more dependent by their self more than their mother. Some might have already lose the vision of their mother while it is young. Cat can be divided into two types of cat which are street cat and pet cat. Street cat are usually more smart in living life by their own and finding its own food and shelter. Street cat may full of dirt and untidy fur but they are good in living their life all by itself without anyone taking care. However, street cat are unfriendly as they cant mix well with strangers as way to protect it self from harm. 

Pet cat are usually like to be pampered and are not good in living in its own life. They have been given food and a place to sleep and are usually very pretty because they are being bathed. Their fur will be clean. Pet cat are usually very friendly to strangers because they know their owner will always protect them. Thus, it is convenient to have a pet cat however it is also a must to respect street cat as they are animals with feelings. 

Cat have many sounds and the owner of cat are usually smart enough to notice their cat needed when they make different sounds like the usual. Thus, there are always fun facts about cats that can be read for cat owner as new information so they can applied that to their pet cat. This can also be applied to street cat and new birth kitten.  

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